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Strauss Goes Green

Strauss Paper Reduces its Carbon Foot Print

At Strauss Paper, we’re committed to promoting sustainability and contributing to reducing energy and waste. In order to meet the needs of future generations we realize that we must operate our business with them in mind. Through advocacy and practice, Strauss Paper’s commitment to the environment is rooted within our culture and beliefs.

In 2008, we removed all of the mercury vapor lights in our 90,000 square foot warehouse. We replaced all fixtures with High Efficiency Fluorescent Lights. In 2009, we replaced all light switches throughout the facility with Motion detector/Infrared light switches turning off the lights when there is no activity in the area, with day-lighting capability in office space (sensors turn off lights when sufficient sunlight is coming into the office).

Recently, Solar Collection Panels were installed on the roof of our 34 Midland Avenue building providing much of the energy and electricity needed by the company. 30% of the building’s power needs are now provided by the sun. The remaining power is sent back to the local power grid.

To reduce our carbon footprint, in 2006 we reduced paper mail by over 60,000 pieces per year.  We implemented an Electronic Document Imaging System that enables us to send invoices and statements electronically, thus reducing our paper consumption and reducing the mail delivered by the postal system. Switch to email invoices and statements today, for a high impact, no cost green service solution!

Over the last 5-years, all Air Conditioning, Heating Systems and Boilers have been replaced with High Energy Efficient Systems.

All the bathrooms have been upgraded with touch free systems to improve hygiene, reduce cross-contamination, and provide energy savings and water efficiency.

Our Own Recycling Program: Across the Company, all plastics and mixed paper,light bulbs and batteries are all collected to recycle.

  1. Repair Shop: All old & scrapped material including scrap metal is recycled.
  2. Warehouse: All corrugated, old pallets, pallet wrap and paper are recycled
  3. Office:  Office paper, glass, aluminum are recycled with the use of recycled bins.

Energy Incentive for all Strauss Associates:  We offer a $500 cash incentive to any employee who purchases a hybrid fuel vehicle.

Our maintenance staff has been trained in the hazards, use, maintenance, recycling and disposal of cleaning chemicals, dispensing equipment and procedures to maintain a healthy environment for our staff.

At Strauss Paper we recycle, reduce, reuse, and practice the procedures that will create a healthier tomorrow.