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Washroom Supplies

Clean and pleasant washroom environments are important to employees, visitors and customers alike. Strauss Paper offers a comprehensive range of washroom products all designed to enhance and maintain the appearance and freshness of your washroom environment.

  • Towels & Tissue

Toilet tissue, jumbo toilet tissue,  c-folds, multi-folds, narrow folds, center-pull, hard roll towels, kitchen roll towels, guest towels, wipers, seat covers, sanitary napkins and other washroom products

  • Skin Care Products

General purpose, antibacterial, antimicrobial hand soaps, instant hand sanitizers, hand moisturizers, body shampoo, waterless hand cleaners

  • Automatic Washroom Equipment

Automatic flush unit, faucets, soap dispensers, air freshener dispensers, toilet cleaners, doorknob cleaners, sanitary disposal units

Strauss Paper also offers a full line of recycled and certified green environmentally friendly bathroom paper products. We appreciate your patronage and are available to answer any questions regarding our bathroom cleaning products or services. Please call or email us today.