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Education & Training Programs

Education and Training is a specialty at Strauss Paper. We partner with some of the largest manufacturers in the industry to provide our clientele with the best product training and cleaning programs.  

Do you have an unusual cleaning problem?
What type of cleaning supplies and/or janitorial equipment do you need for your hard floor care and carpet care needs?
Are programs in place for daily industrial cleaning tasks such as washroom care, hard floor care, carpet care and general cleaning?

You can count on Strauss to help you answer each one of these questions and provide you with the very best janitorial consulting services to accommodate your needs. Most importantly, there are no additional costs for these services. 

A brief overview of our training programs:

  • On-site interactive and multi-lingual product & procedural training
  • 5 Steps to Successful Training Programs
    • Train “The Trainer” (leader, supervisor)
    • Introduce the 5 W’s; Who, What, Why, Where, When
    • Overview of Procedure, understanding the task at hand
    • Hands on training, 'Tell, Show, Do and Review'
    • Certification upon 'Completion of Training'
  • Training tools such as: Flip Charts, The Deadly Sins, Reference Cards, Posters, Literature and Video Library
  • Right to Know, MSDS, OSHA Training, The Art of Green Cleaning and much more…

Strauss can help you implement product training and cleaning programs to maximize your dollar and reduce your labor costs.

Please contact us for a free consultation today!