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Strauss’s Technology Solutions


Electronic transactions improve the total business process while providing significant benefits in increased productivity and immediate access to information. At Strauss Paper we have built our Technology department around the goal of helping our customers utilize technology to lower operational costs, save time, improve accuracy and provide access to information that makes ordering supplies and managing your supply inventory easier.

Document Portal - As part of our ongoing green initiative, we recently introduced our new “Document Portal” link which will save you time and money. You can now view and print your invoices, statements and POD’s through the internet on demand – right from your PC.  This portal allows you access to your invoice information when you need it.

Electronic Invoice Transmission  – A hallmark of our green initiative, we have implemented a document imaging system that archives all invoices, PODs, statements and customer PO’s. These documents are emailed or faxed on the day of delivery – or upon request.  We have eliminated the need for paper invoices and statements to go thru the mail – reducing our carbon footprint for 60,000 pieces of mail every year.  This process also ensures that all invoices, statements and POD’s are deliveried in a timely manner while conserving environmental resources. This technology solution streamlines processes, lowers administrative costs, reduces errors, and provides customized capabilities.

Online Product Catalog – Provides access to the most up-to-date product information, and large image of product.

Online MSDS – Important right-to–know information right at your fingertips 24/7 via our online catalog. Search for MSDS by product name, item number or general description. You have the ability to print, save, email or view MSDS sheets.

Online Ordering System – Customers who use our secure, online ordering system find that it is an easy way to order with us and offers many advantages. This technology solution is convenient to use and allows customers to place orders any time, day or night, at your convenience from any internet device.

Our online system allows your company to designate users to build orders and submit for approval from your management team. Your management team is notified of pending orders and is given the option to submit, edit or deny.

This system also allows you to set monthly budgets by ship to location. If an order is submitted that exceeds the pre-set budget, alert and approval emails will go out to the designated supervisor/manager.  This control feature will help you establish and manage your budget by location for cleaning supplies. 

Create customized shopping lists for frequently purchased items. Our system lets you create as many shopping lists as needed and will build shopping lists by ship-to addresses. Make online ordering even quicker by customizing your list of products today. Historical order information helps ensure you have the products you need, when you need them.

Once you have signed up for this exciting feature you will be able to browse our online catalog by product category and view your price for every item that is offered in our online catalog. You have the ability to search by Strauss Paper’s item number, manufacturer item number, keyword, description or create your own item numbers. 

Vendor Managed Inventory – (VMI) is a valuable technology solution that we offer to our clients.  VMI will simplify the ordering, delivery, and stocking processes in order to control product usage and reduce waste. Our sales experts will assist in setting monthly budgets by location to streamline your product offering and set up your stock rooms. Handheld bar code scanners are used to monitor your inventory levels and establish replenishment orders.