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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We Will Provide Our Customers The Right Product
In the Right Quantity
At the Right Price
Delivered At The Right Time

With Flawless Service From All Strauss Associates!

Our Business Strategy

In an effort to achieve long-term growth, Strauss’ President and CEO, Stewart Strauss has identified six critical success factors for our business:

  1. Create a Mission Statement and live by it,
  2. Develop a top Senior Management Team to lead the functional organization,
  3. Establish a Board of Directors for corporate oversight,
  4. Hire the best performers and treat them with respect,
  5. Partner with Clients and Vendors for everyone’s mutual benefit,
  6. Measure and Reward for continuous improvement.

Our mission statement is posted on the walls in every department at Strauss Paper as well as on every one of our business cards.  Every associate at our industrial supply company knows this mission statement and understands that the success of the company relies on each individual and that each person is a member of the team dedicated to customer satisfaction.

After much cultivating and searching for the right mix of talent, we believe we have a top notch Senior Management Team that not only works well together but helps drive the direction of the business. All areas of our business are covered by this team of 5 – the CFO, VP Sales & Marketing, VP of Distribution, VP of Warehouse Outlet and the CIO. They all report directly to Stewart Strauss.

In 1998, we created a Board of Directors, made up of three family members and two outsiders.  The Board has helped shape the direction of the business, created accountability within the organization and guided the Company to the next level of success.

Our Connection to the Business Community

Stewart and the Company are actively involved with The Business Council of Westchester. We are the proud recipients of al BCW Hall of Fame Family Business Success Award. In addition, Stewart sits on the Board of Directors for the BCW.  We are also active members of the Port Chester Chamber of Commerce.

Our Contributions and Commitment to the Community

Strauss Paper is an important member of the Port Chester and Westchester community.  The majority of our workforce lives in the Port Chester/Rye area.  We support our local school districts and bands, fire and police departments food pantries, senior centers and charities both financially and with products.  We encourage all employees to donate their time to local events and charities.